Branding are unique features that define a product , a company or a person. Your brand distinguishes you from others. This includes the services you offer, the products you have , and the name you give to your products and your company.
Branding defines what you do, how you do your job and the target group. Company logo is not a brand but what you offer defines what your brand is. Many people confuse branding with marketing, branding is not marketing and vice versa. A brand is what you offer ,while marketing is letting people know what you offer. In marketing you create awareness while in branding you sell your ideas to your clients. Marketing involves telling people what you have to meet their needs, while branding defines what products or services you offer and bringing them to your clients. It’s important to understand that no matter how you market you brand ,if it’s not known it will be very hard to meet your goals. It’s vital to understand that marketing and branding go hand in hand , you cannot take one and ignore the other. It’s the brand that gives marketing a place to lean on . You cannot market a product that is not branded . Branding gives a product a name that is used in marketing.

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